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ULTIMATE ” HY–INTENSITY ” Meal Plan & Routine

Unique ‘ Diets & Meal Plans

Learn how to Eat and Train your way to a ”Healthier Fit You” with Syner-Fit Training Systems. Based in Hemet, California & Malibu, California we provide meal plans and training programs to help you use your Muscles to Lose Weight, Fat, Inches – At The Same Time – Also enhancing ‘Muscle Health & Development’ you will be in the Best Shape Ever,It will be your Ultimate Body ‘Inside & Out’ To Be Sure.

YOUR *Body Type* Plans
“Expert” plans are for the three “Specific Body Types” [ Ectomorph – Endomorph – Mesomorph ] these are what all Humans are [“Seminar” coming soon ] each program has [ 1-yr. 4–12 wk. courses & meal plans ] to follow a total years work-out routine training in accord with your [ Natural Body Type ] expediting proper results and attaining goals faster …just a “click away”.

Each one of the three “Body Type” programs are for [ Real Muscle Building & Defining ] They were originally designed for Bodybuilding Only, but have been revised for the [ Concept -of- BodyBuilding ] to benefit “Male & “Female” in their Physique Goals, accompanied with meal plans that are [Food – Grouped] per Body-Type, in the Science for the Body.

“Innovative” Meal Plans Customized to each Specific [ Synergy & Fat-Mobilization ] routine, establishing proper [ cause & effect ] in your bodies conditioning, which you will see and feel immediately. They are designed for Instant Activation of your bodies [ Hormonal – Environment ] which quickens the elevation of your metabolism to its high level necessary for Fat Oxidation and Reduction. These meal plans involve “NO–FAT” with enough calories and carbohydrates to sustain you through the Resistance Training Process…

These Meal Plans also provide a protein element to nourish Muscle.Your metabolism is enhanced when you eat every two to three hours, as instructed in the plans…


Designed for [ ** Belly Fat–Butt Fat–Thigh Fat–Back Fat ** Melt–Burn–Dissolve–Incinerate ** ] All Sports & Fitness Activity [Make Weight—Kutt Weight] Get in shape faster with [ UNISEX = Torso–Trimmer–Toner – 2–Lose–U–Gotta–Sweat ] which fits under your gym clothes, raises body temperature, elevates metabolism through the expenditure of energy to promote [ Profuse–Sweating ] squeezing out Fat in the form of Sweat, resulting in Fat Elimination, Muscle Toning & Defining..All SIZES–6* DESIGNS–VIEW *PICS* [ Full Top / High Waist – Ankle Length – 3/4 Knee Length – 1/2 Thigh Length ]—[ Custom Fit Orders = 300lb – 600lb & UP ] call / email [ 1 – 6 weeks delivery ]


We also offer supplements including [ Fat Burning Emulsifiers, Fat Synergizers, Fat Mobilizers ] They are designed to speed up and elevate your metabolism to increase the bodies [ Fat–Burning–Capacity ] in the midst of training, creating the synergy to promote [ Thermogenesis ] which is the production of Heat, facilitating Instant [ Fat – Reduction ] making the Fat Mobile for Elimination through [ SWEAT ] Remember [ 2–Lose–U–Gotta–Sweat ] These are [ FDA approved ] Custom Designed in Formulation by the [ Multi – Champion Expert ]…for Competitions…[ “Results you can see ** Proven by me” ] This is the “Fat burning Process” needed in attaining *Muscle Wellness–Muscle Health–Muscle Fitness*

Fitness Routines
Perfect your Physique with [ Fat Burning ” Fit Station ] whatever your field of play [ Amateur-and-Professional ] Designed to challenge you “Mentally & Physically” with Comprehensive Routines with *Special Meal Plans* for each respective program [ Uniquely * Designed ] challenging your ability in the betterment for your fitness goals…Good Health–2–U

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*Innovative* Meal Plans & Training Programs